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The numbers are staggering. Every day homeowners are at risk of losing their property or worse.

Consider the following:

  • In 2004, an estimated 2.1 million burglary offenses were committed in the United States.
    - Source: FBI Uniform Crime Report, 2004

  • Every 77 seconds, a fire department responds to a residential fire somewhere in the nation. Nationwide in 2004, there was a civilian fire death every 135 minutes and a civilian injury every 30 minutes.

    - Source: Fire Loss in the United States during 2004 Full Report, National Fire Protection Association

  • Each year, carbon monoxide poisoning claims more than 500 lives and sends another 15,000 people to the hospital.

     - Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention

You can protect yourself.

The International Association of Police Chiefs states that professionally installed and monitored alarm systems are useful instruments to deter crime and provide peace of mind. The Center for Disease Control recommends installing a carbon monoxide detector for early detection of carbon monoxide in the home. And the US Fire Administration states that installing smoke detectors on every level of your home is the best safety measure for protecting your family and home.

Protection 24hours is in the business of saving lives and property from potential loss. Whether you are seeking security for your family while you are at home or for your property while you are away, our trained Protection24hours Consultants can design a total home security system that is tailored to fit the needs of your individual home and family.
Please call us at 1-877-900-8220 for a no-obligation security audit of your home

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