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Q : I am having trouble with one of my security devices and the appointment for the technician to come to my home isn't until next week. Can I arm my system in the meantime?
A : Yes, you can bypass the zone in which the security device is found. It is generally as simple as entering your code, pressing the bypass key, and then the keys designating the zone you wish to bypass. The bypass light will come on, confirming that you have now bypassed the zone. You may now enter your security code to arm your system. Each control panel may be different, but will allow you to bypass a zone. If you aren't sure and can't find your Owner's Manual, please call Protection24hour Service and we will walk you through the procedure.

Q : My system doesn't seem to be working properly. How do I get service?
A : Call Protection24hour Service at (877) 900-8220. In most cases, our technically trained customer care representatives are able to resolve system issues over the telephone. If not, we will schedule service with a Protection24hour Authorized Service Technician.

Q : Can I cancel an alarm signal if I have pressed the panic or fire alarm buttons on my keypad?
A : If you have pressed either the panic or the fire alarm buttons, you will not be able to cancel the alarm signal.

Q : Will DSL service affect my alarm system?
A : It may. Normal alarm communications utilizes your regular phone line. With the DSL on the line, line seizure and communications may not work properly. Protection24hour offers DSL Filters which overcome the most common problems. If you are unsure, please call the monitoring station and test your system. If you have a problem, call Protection24hour Service at (877) 900-8220..

Q : I can't find the manual for my system. Can you help me get another one?
A : You may download a copy of your system manual from this site on the Alarm Systems Manual page. If you are not able to do this or if you don't find your specific system in the list, call Protection24hour Service at (877) 900-8220, or email us at support@protection24hour.com.

Q : What if I accidentally set off my alarm?
A : You can cancel the audible alarm by entering your code properly within 60 seconds. This should clear your system and switch it to "READY" mode. Some systems have alarm memory. In this case you may need to enter your code again to clear it. "CANCEL" signal is received.

Q : What if my telephone line has been cut?
A : If your telephone line has been cut by an intruder, or if a storm or natural disaster has disabled communications, your security system is still internally operational. The alarm will sound when sensors are triggered. However, emergency signals will not be transmitted to the Monitoring Station so police and fire authorities will not be notified by the operator. To ensure the integrity of your system, cellular backup can be added to provide an alternate path to the Monitoring Station. Call Protection24hour customer care to learn about this type of signal transmission.

Q : What is a Low Battery Signal?
A : A low battery can describe a number of conditions. It generally means that a battery has failed and needs to be replaced. Please refer to your user manual or contact Protection24hour service if you need additional information.

Q : How does the system connect to the phone lines?
A : The security system has the ability to distinguish your home phones from the telephone company's incoming line. This is accomplished by installing a RJ31X jack.

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